APHIS Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) Releases 2017 Annual Report

Every day, PPQ employees and our partners give their all to deliver extraordinary results for U.S. agriculture. And 2017 was no exception. We continued to push the United States’ line of defense against invasive pests and diseases further offshore, allowing us to take action against pests hitchhiking on or in imported goods before they reached our borders. Here at home, we fought back against the spread of damaging pests such as exotic fruit flies, citrus greening, Asian longhorned beetle, boll weevil, and pale cyst nematodes that threatened our Nation’s crops and forests. In total, our efforts protected more than $98 billion worth of U.S. agriculture production and exports valued at over $138 billion.

On the world stage, PPQ helped U.S. agriculture thrive in the global marketplace. We worked closely with our international trading partners to develop and promote science-based standards, helping to create a safe, fair, and predictable agricultural trade system that minimizes the spread of invasive plant pests and diseases. We reached critical plant health agreements and resolved plant health barriers to trade to open, expand, and retain U.S. export markets valued at nearly $23 billion. And, we helped U.S. producers meet foreign market access requirements and certified the health of more than 738,000 exports, securing economic opportunities for U.S. products abroad.

These successes underscore how PPQ is working every day to keep U.S. agriculture healthy and profitable and are reflected in the pages of our 2017 Annual Report.

I am grateful to the talented men and women of PPQ and their deep commitment to our mission. I am also thankful for our partners, without whom none of this would be possible. We look forward to working with each of you in the years ahead as we continue to safeguard American agriculture and facilitate the safe trade of agricultural products.

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