Deadlines are soon to register for ESA field tours on invasive species and pollinators

The Entomological Society of America is planning two field tours in August focused on important insect issues: invasive species and pollinators. Deadlines to apply for the tours are in June.

The Invasive Species Security Field Tour will be held August 20-22 in southeastern Pennsylvania, and the deadline to apply to attend is June 1. The tour will visit the spotted lanternfly quarantine zone to view the damage and spread of this new invasive, and also discuss the significance and management of other invasive species. The tour seeks to understand the resources needed to improve prevention, early detection, rapid response and the potential for eradication. Additionally, the  tour will try to leverage public education and outreach strategies to inform the public about the impact of invasive species and actions that can slow their occurrence and spread.​

Learn more and apply to attend the Invasive Species tour

The Science Policy Pollinator Field Tour will be held August 13-15 in North Dakota, and the deadline to apply to attend is June 15. The tour will bring together diverse stakeholders for hands-on understanding of pollinators and the many ways they intersect with production agriculture, including pollinator habitat, honey bee pests and diseases, insect pests of economic importance, crop production and crop pest management and opportunities for collaboration. ​

Learn more and apply to attend the Pollinator tour

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