Wild Honey Bees in Community Environments

In the Arizona School and Home Integrated Pest Management Newsletter

by Shaku Nair, Dawn H. Gouge, Shujuan Li, Peter Warren, Al Fournier, Michael Wierda, Kai Umeda, Dave Kopec

The term ‘bee’ can refer to many insects belonging to different families under the insect order Hymenoptera. Bees are closely related to ants and wasps. Most bees are pollinators (Fig.1) and are regarded as beneficial, but some are feared and considered pests because of their painful stings, and damage caused by nesting activities. True honey bees belong to the genus Apis. The most common species in North America is the western honey bee (also known as the European honey bee), Apis mellifera. This species is domesticated and maintained by beekeepers for the pollination of crops and production of honey. Continue reading