New tool provides fun, easy way to protect herd from horn flies

Researchers at Texas A&M AgriLife recently gave a “thumbs up” to a product that claims to control horn flies without the hassle of corralling the herd. Sonja Swiger, veterinary entomologist at Texas A&M AgriLife, tested the VetGunTM, an insecticide delivery system that premiered in 2014.

Developed by SmartVet, the VetGunTM “shoots” a ball of insecticide at an animal’s hide like a paintball gun shoots a ball of paint. The rancher can apply the insecticide without having to gather the animals into a chute, so it saves time, anxiety for the animals and extra money to hire additional people to corral the cattle. The VetGun does not need not need to be used with ear tags. It is a replacement option but should be coupled with other integrated pest management options such as a larval control and sanitation. Continue reading