Scout for Sugarcane aphids before you spray

This blog post in an excerpt from the Alabama IPM Communicator newsletter, concerning sugarcane aphid:

It is important to scout for sugarcane aphids and spray when they have reached threshold levels. It is equally important not to spray too soon. Spraying too early will likely result in an extra insecticide application later on.

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LSU tests sorghum hybrids to fight sugarcane aphid

In Delta Farm Press

Entomologists believe some grain sorghum varieties are more tolerant of sugarcane aphids than others. But they’re not sure which ones are a fit for being designated as resistant or tolerant and which ones aren’t.

That’s why researchers at the LSU AgCenter are conducting trials with grain sorghum varieties that are believed to be resistant at the Northeast Research Station at St. Joseph and other locations, according to David Kerns, who is based at the Macon Ridge Research Station in Winnsboro, La

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Three Friends of Southern IPM Winners Honored at ESA Southeastern Branch Meeting

Three IPM leaders were honored with Friends of Southern IPM awards on March 5 at the Entomological Society of America’s Southeastern Branch meeting for their outstanding contributions to the field of integrated pest management. Dr. Henry Fadamiro, associate director of the Southern IPM Center, presented awards to Dr. Jack Bacheler and the Southeastern Entomologists Working Group, the Alabama IPM Communicator and Dr. Tim Reed of Auburn University.

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