EPA tool helps growers calculate buffer zones

From Southeast Farm Press

Soil fumigant labels changed in Dec. 2012, requiring applicators to calculate and stick to buffer zones around fields when applying fumigants. A lot of work by the Southeast vegetable industry and the Environmental Protection Agency went into basing the buffer zones’ distances on sound science. And a “toolbox” has been developed to help vegetable growers stay in bounds with the regulations.

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Geographic profiling tracks down invaders, researchers find

Wait, you’re thinking; this is an integrated pest management blog, not an FBI blog, right? Yes. For those of you who have never  heard the term “geographic profiling,” it refers to a method used by crime fighters to track down serial killers, especially when they have a large pool of suspects. According to a group of scientists in Britain, who published a paper in the journal Ecography, scientists trying to stop the spread of invaders–invasive species, that is–can use the same tool to locate source populations of those invasive species, with considerably less effort than they may be using with many of the current source locator methods.

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