Texas A&M scientists synthesize historical tick models to help curb the pest globally

by Steve Byrnes, Texas A&M AgriLife

The battle against fever ticks rages on, and a group of Texas A&M University and French National Institute for Agricultural Research scientists are doing their best to determine where the fray will head by synthesizing historical models for use in curbing the pest globally.

Texas A&M’s departments of wildlife and fisheries sciences and entomology and the French institute have collaborated for a number of years to model systems approaches meant to address ecological and regulatory questions about fever ticks, said Dr. Pete Teel, who works within the entomology department’s Tick Research Laboratory. Continue reading

Texas cattle fever ticks are back with a vengeance

by Steve Byrnes, Texas A&M AgriLife

Texas cattle fever ticks, which made Texas longhorns the pariah of the plains in the late 1800s, are once again expanding their range with infestations detected in Live Oak, Willacy and Kleberg counties, said Texas A&M AgriLife experts.  

As of Feb. 1, more than 500,000 acres in Texas are under various quarantines outside of the permanent quarantine zone. Continue reading

Texas stepping up fight against fever ticks

In Southwest Farm Press

In spite of efforts in recent months to reduce risks along the Texas-Mexico border in Deep South Texas, state and federal officials are stepping up their war on unwanted invaders that continue to hitchhike across the Rio Grande into Texas, bringing with them potential death, destruction and the promise of economic hardship.

These invaders have been crossing into Texas for as long as time remembers, most often riding on horseback, stray livestock and wildlife, many of them taking up residence at local farms and ranches near the border and spreading their diseases to unsuspecting victims.

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