EPA Solicits Proposals for the Field Implementation Meeting Support Cooperative Agreement

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pesticide Programs is soliciting applications for one or more cooperative agreements to manage a Field Implementation Meetings Support program. EPA expects to provide up to $500,000 annually, depending on the Agency’s budget, for a total of five fiscal years (2017 through 2021).

The cooperative agreement will provide financial assistance to one or more eligible applicants to organize and facilitate dialogue and collaboration on pesticide safety programs, mainly the Certified Applicator regulation and the agricultural Worker Protection Standard. Both regulations aim to reduce the risk of pesticide poisoning and injury among handlers, applicators, bystanders and the public.

EPA must receive proposals through Grants.gov no later than – 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on May 12, 2017. View more information on this Request for Applications (EPA-OPP-2017-002).

EPA Solicits Proposals for a Funds Distribution Program for Pesticide Safety Education

EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs is soliciting applications for a cooperative agreement to distribute funds to Pesticide Safety Education Programs (PSEPs) at state Cooperative Extension Services for the education and training of certified pesticide applicators.

The recent tragedy involving the use of the highly toxic fumigant, methyl bromide, reminds us of the importance of proper training for certified applicators. EPA has provided funding to PSEPs since l975 with the goal of protecting people, ecosystems and the environment from the risk of pesticide-related illness and injury. EPA expects to provide up to $1 million annually, depending on the agency’s budget, for a total of five years.

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