GPDN Webinar this week: Introduction to Bacterial Leaf Streak Disease of Corn

This Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 9:00am MT/10:00am CT/11:00am ET from the Montana State University site:

Dr. Tamra Jackson-Ziems of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will be presenting: “Introduction to Bacterial Leaf Streak Disease of Corn” Continue reading

Southern rust and tar spot of corn are on the move

In Southeast Farm Press

by Carl Bradley, University of Kentucky Extension Plant Pathologist

Two corn diseases are already making some news this season. Southern rust and tar spot have been detected in southern states and could potentially make their way to Kentucky this season. So, keeping a lookout for these two diseases is a good idea. Continue reading

North Carolina growers express concern about diseases and pigweed

In Southeast Farm Press

The importance of disease management to maximize corn yields and ongoing concern about Palmer amaranth topped discussion at the 2015 Northeast Ag Expo Field Day in Shiloh, N.C. July 30.

Traveling south from Virginia, Hillary Mehl, Extension crops plant pathologist at Virginia Tech, stressed the importance of knowing the relative resistance or susceptibility to diseases of each corn variety selected. Through it all, farmers must be aware of the disease they are looking for, which is why scouting is critical, Mehl emphasized.

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Southern corn rust found in eastern North Carolina

From Southeast Farm Press

Southern Corn Rust has been found in Lenoir and Wayne counties in eastern North Carolina and farmers need to scout their fields and be prepared to make a fungicide application, according to researchers at North Carolina State University.

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Goss’s wilt moving eastward from Great Plains

From Delta Farm Press

While Goss’s wilt wasn’t a significant problem in 2012, more intense storm systems this year could cause it to emerge as a problem for corn growers as the disease continues its movement eastward from the Great Plains.

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Diseases stealing profits from high-yield corn growers

At a time when the sky would appear to be the limit for Southeastern corn yields, managing diseases becomes even more important, meaning a yield difference of as many as 20 to 30 bushels per acre in some fields.

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