Scouting videos for field crops

Texas A&M AgriLife specialists have prepared a few videos that are good, general videos on insect identification and scouting.

Although the videos make reference to Texas, the information in them is general enough to use in any state with the pest.

Clemson scientists find controls for corn insects

Jim Melvin, Public Service Activities

A cornfield can be an unfriendly host for insect pests, and scientists such as Clemson’s Francis Reay-Jones are striving to keep it that way.

There are almost 275,000 acres of corn planted in South Carolina with an economic impact of approximately $130 million. Though this is dwarfed by Midwest states, such as Iowa (13.7 million acres, $8.75 billion), it’s still a lot of corn — enough, at least, to make a person think South Carolina would be a utopia for the insects that like to feast on tasty yellow kernels.

But instead of being a slice of paradise, a cornfield can be a far-from-optimal host for pests such as the corn earworm.

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Nematodes Encapsulated to Better Battle Corn Pests

From USDA Agricultural Research Service

Nematodes have shown promise as biological control agents in the fight against the western corn rootworm, whose larval stage is a costly pest of corn in the United States and Europe. But current spray methods used to apply the beneficial nematodes can be labor-intensive and water-consuming.

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Start the season off right with at-planting corn insect pest decisions

From Southeast Farm Press

There are many management efforts you can take before your corn seed goes into the ground.

Some of these actions are simply insurance and some of them, like your choice of hybrid, are the best insect management decision choices you’ll make all year.

Here are some things you may want to consider for slugs, sugarcane beetle, wireworms, billbugs, and grubs:

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