Cotton growers should be patient in treating for target spot

In Delta Farm Press

Conditions in west Tennessee are setting up as conducive for target spot infestations in cotton. Or maybe not.

Heather Kelly, Extension pathologist at the University of Tennessee Research and Extension Center in Jackson, says several factors need to coincide for target spot to pose a threat to cotton. Continue reading

Target spot and boll drop – the knowns and unknowns

Authored by Heather M. Kelly, Extension Plant Pathologist and Tyson Raper, Cotton and Small Grains Specialist, University of Tennessee

This is a repost from the UT Crops News blog. Since it has general information, I thought I would include it in our regional blog. Continue reading

How to recognize bacterial blight in cotton

In Southeast Farm Press

by Bob Kemerait, UGA Extension

Bacterial blight has quietly found its way back into cotton fields for the second year in a row. There is little we can do about it now. However, by knowing more about this disease, cotton growers can make decisions to minimize impact next year and beyond.

Now in my 16th year as an Extension specialist at the University of Georgia, I have typically seen only light outbreaks of bacterial blight. This changed in 2015, when seemingly out of nowhere, bacterial blight caused significant premature defoliation and boll rot in a number of fields. The disease was found in more than one variety, but DPL 1454 B2RR, a promising variety with resistance to the southern root-knot nematode, was most severely affected. I was hopeful that the disease would go away if our growers planted varieties other than 1454 this season.  Unfortunately, it is back. Continue reading

Target spot disease continues its march into Southeast cotton

From Southeast Farm Press

With an absence of pressing issues in cotton insects, other pest problems are moving to the forefront of producer concerns, including one that was given little thought until recently — target spot disease.

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