Plant Pathology Scientist – Dupont

The Plant Pathology group at DuPont Pioneer is an integral support team to our product development and commercial business efforts.  This Plant Pathology Scientist position will be a key contributor to a research team that provides a plant disease center of excellence for the organization, including but not limited to the following areas:  disease characterization and phenotyping, plant disease diagnostics, inoculum production, phytosanitary support, and research efforts to improve crop disease control methods through genetic resistance, pathogen control, fungicidal control or other best management practices. Continue reading

Crop scouting may someday happen from the air

In the near future, growers may get a heads-up to insect, disease or weed problems from a low-flying unmanned aircraft. According to a story in Southeast Farm Press, researchers at Virginia Tech and the University of Florida have been testing field mapping with drones equipped with high-powered cameras.

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