The cascade effect of invasive species: how one exotic species led to a disease risk in Florida

in the New York Times

Sometime in the 1980s, it became cool to own a pet reptile in Florida. Cooler still was owning one from far away, like from Madagascar, Egypt or Burma. The more exotic, the better. Thousands of cold-blooded creatures moved through Miami’s international airport to their new glass-box homes.

The Burmese python — which can be draped around a neck — was especially popular. A baby python is just 10 inches in length. Much to the surprise of some of their owners, those babies could grow up to 20 times that size. Continue reading

North Carolina’s first case of EEE this year confirmed in Brunswick County

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North Carolina’s first case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) for 2013 has been reported in connection to the death of a Brunswick County horse at the beginning of July, according to a spokesperson for Brunswick County Health Services.

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It’s mosquito season again and time for a few reminders

I’m sure many of you have seen dozens of articles about mosquitoes, especially during this time of year. However, since mosquitoes can carry pathogens that cause a variety of serious diseases, I think the tips on ways to prevent mosquitoes in your yard bear repeating.

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