Grazing improves soil health, study finds

by Kay Ledbetter, Texas A&M AgriLife

Dr. Richard Teague might be considered a cowboy of a different kind. He’s not rounding up stray cattle, but rather wrangling the best management practices on ranches to help the cattle and their owners.

Teague, a Texas A&M AgriLife Research ecologist at Vernon, grew up on a farm and knows firsthand there are some unintended consequences from traditional long-standing agricultural practices that might not readily be seen. Continue reading

Delta Farm Press highlights an Arkansas farmer’s use of cover crops in video series

Delta Farm Press has been publishing a series of videos featuring an Arkansas grower and his son, who have used cover crops to build their soil; combat pest, disease and weed problems; and improve their yields. To raise their profits, they planted cover crops that would make good grazing materials for a herd of cattle. Continue reading

Study shows cattle don’t damage soil by grazing cover crops

In Southeast Farm Press

A U.S. Department of Agriculture scientist in North Carolina has found a way to encourage more growers to use cover crops in the Southeastern United States—allow cattle to graze on them.

Cover crops reduce soil erosion, boost organic matter, keep more moisture in soil and sequester carbon in the soil so less of it is released as a greenhouse gas.

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