NC State University Leads Research into Kudzu Bug Host Preferences

For an exotic invasive insect pest, kudzu bug is fairly easy to control. Spray a pyrethroid, and it’s gone.

The problem is that the pyrethroid also takes with it many beneficial insects that usually keep other soybean pests low in numbers. So although the field may be free of kudzu bugs, it could later be overrun with soybean looper and caterpillar pests that are just as destructive as kudzu bug. So the grower has to keep spraying.

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Study Shows Household Pests Linked to Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The flu and other bacterial infections are hard enough to live through, but when antibiotics don’t cure them, they’re even more miserable. Many of us have read stories of “superbugs”—bacteria that resist some of the common antibiotics like penicillin and erythromycin. However, few of us have probably considered the possibility that the pesky household fly or German cockroach could contribute to those superbugs. According to a new study, some of the most common household pests spread not only bacteria, but antibiotic-resistant bacteria as well.

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