Collection Manager, Insects – Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL, USA

The Collection Manager is involved in all aspects of care and maintenance of the Field Museum insect collection and collaborates with Curators in management of the collection. This position will also interact with the FMNH Action and Integrative Research Centers, as well as Education and Exhibits.

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Busting Bugs: USDA Creates Online Tools to ID Pests

from the USDA blog

by Natalie Loggins, USDA

Do you work at a port or international border where identifying potentially destructive agricultural pests is part of your job? Are you a student or teacher interested in learning more about potential and existing agricultural pests? Have you ever seen a creepy crawly thing in your backyard and wondered if it might be an invasive species? If you fit any of these descriptions, then ID Tools may be just what you need.

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Know What’s Bugging You (or your plants, more specifically)

Integrated pest management involves using the right control for the right pest at the right time. A can of Raid intended for ants will not generally be useful against a colony of wasps. Control of insects, weeds and diseases requires knowing what the problem is before reaching for the nearest pesticide.

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