Wild pigs cause more damage than torn fields

David Bennett from Delta Farm Press talks to John “Jack” Mayer, manager of environmental sciences at Savannah River National Laboratory in South Carolina, about the ever-evolving problem of wild pigs. Because wild pig hunting causes such an adrenaline rush, he says, hunters have moved pigs across state lines in an effort to make hunting locations more convenient, an effort that has actually compounded the population problem and caused more of a wild pig population explosion than would have occurred on its own.

As a result, wild pigs have caused economic devastation to agriculture, from tainting California spinach with E. coli to causing thousands of dollars of damage to a National Guard jet. Because wild pigs carry disease, they have the potential to infect humans and cattle with brucellosis and pseudorabies, causing billions of dollars of damage to the beef industry, followed by a huge jump in beef prices.

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