Cattle fever tick discovered in Live Oak County in Texas

In Southwest Farm Press

Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) Executive Director Andy Schwartz has confirmed the presence of cattle fever ticks on a Live Oak County ranch after a bull on the property was evaluated by a local veterinarian and a suspect tick was found on the animal.

The incident prompted TAHC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to establish a Control Purpose Quarantine Area (CPQA) for the systematic inspection of all livestock and wildlife hosts in the portion of Live Oak County surrounding the infested premises. Schwartz says property owners within the new CPQA are currently being contacted by TAHC and USDA inspectors in a comprehensive effort to contain movement of ticks outside the area. Continue reading

Whole-Farm Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Video Series Released

If you want to know the best ways to manage pests via integrated pest management, you can find all of the information you need in a series of video modules created by University of Florida IFAS Extension faculty. These IPM strategy modules are targeted for those looking to implement IPM strategies either on a whole-farm or whole-landscape level.

These modules were developed at the UF IFAS Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center near Live Oak, Florida, where the 300-acre farm has been transformed into a Living IPM-Laboratory that puts IPM strategies into real-life situations. Under this long-range plan, the farm has implemented several innovative IPM strategies to manage pests and has reduced pesticide use by more than 50%. These strategies include: farm-scaping and whole-farm systems, trap crops and banker plants, trapping arrays, native pollinator enhancement, scouting and selecting pesticides wisely conservation tillage and cover crops, birds and bat utilization for pest reduction, establishment of “plants with a purpose”, fence lines and hedge rows, pest exclusion, and protected agriculture.

More from the UF/IFAS Small Farms and Alternative Enterprises Extension Team.

Cover crop workshop in Live Oak, Florida

The University of Florida is hosting a workshop, “Using Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health, Weed Management and Integrated Pest Management Strategies,” on Thursday June 4th, from 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm at the Suwannee Valley Agricultural Extension Center (SVAEC) in Live Oak, FL.

Expand your knowledge of cover crops and how they can play an integral role in the health of your soil, weed suppression and in increasing the impact of beneficial organisms on managing crop pests. Learn from exciting research carried out at SVAEC and at a local blueberry farm. Explore the world of cover crops and the many benefits they can provide to your farm. Continue reading