People in poverty are at highest risk of getting mosquito-borne diseases

In USA Today

by Liz Szabo

There’s no mystery about how the mosquitoes got into Shawanda Holmes’ former home. They flew through a gaping hole in the wall.

One of the wooden boards on the side of the house is partly missing, covered only by a loose, blue plastic tarp that flows down the outside wall and crumples in a heap on the grass. Rainwater pools in its folds, providing an ideal site for mosquitoes to breed. Trash fills the backyard. Continue reading

New Orleans pests beware: city’s mosquito, rodent and termite control board fights to make city’s buildings pest free

I’ve written several stories about how IPM changes the environment of a school or building when pests are no longer harassing the people inside the building. I’ve also passed along recommendations from specialists on how people can make buildings uninviting for pests. So when I went to New Orleans in April to help present a Friends of Southern IPM Implementer Award to the New Orleans Mosquito, Rodent and Termite Control Board, I wanted to see for myself how their work in IPM has changed the city.

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New Orleans’ Rat Fighters Go Beyond Baiting Traps

On National Public Radio

Marvin Thompson knew he faced a difficult task when he was hired last year as principal at John McDonogh High School in New Orleans.

“The day that I pulled up to this building, I thought it was condemned,” Thompson says.

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Environmental health and pest management workshop

New Orleans Mosquito, Rodent & Termite Control is offering a two-day workshop that will offer comprehensive information in several areas of environmental health, vector and pest control. Principals of food and water safety, mass gatherings, and disaster management related to environmental health will be covered.

The speakers will be environmental health specialists from the Centers for Disease Control and entomologists from the City of New Orleans.

Louisiana environmental health specialists will earn 14 CEUs for attending the full workshop. Registration must be received by September 7th.

For more information please feel free to contact Cynthia Krohn at (504) 658-2400.

Study looks to find whether cockroaches in home can make you unhealthy

Meg Farris / Eyewitness News
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NEW ORLEANS — There are many children and teens in the New Orleans area living with asthma.  And now, for the first time, a local researcher is testing something very common in this area that might be the reason children are going to the hospital with severe asthma attacks: cockroaches.

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