Three positions available at Northeastern IPM Center

The Northeastern Integrated Pest Management Center, located at Cornell University in New York, has reposted the Director position. In addition, two other positions are available. Continue reading

Northeastern IPM Center Initiates Director Search

Steve Young will be stepping down as director of the Northeastern IPM Center on December 31, 2017, in order to take a faculty position at Utah State University. Steve has led the Center since 2014, guiding new initiatives and defining its five Signature Programs.

“It has been a tremendous opportunity for me to work with so many outstanding individuals and organizations both within and outside of the IPM community”, Steve wrote in a message to Advisory Council members. “The need for IPM has never been more important and the NEIPMC has continued to fund/support the diversity of projects that result in the adoption and development of sustainable pest management throughout the region.” Continue reading

Northeastern IPM Center Director position open

The  College  of  Agriculture  and  Life  Sciences  (CALS)  is  a  pioneer  of  purpose­driven  science  and   Cornell  University’s  second  largest  college.  We  work  across  disciplines  to  tackle  the  challenges   of  our  time  through  world­renowned  research,  education  and  outreach.  The  questions  we  probe   and  the  answers  we  seek  focus  on  three  overlapping  concerns:  natural  and  human  systems;;   food,  energy  and  environmental  resources;;  and  social,  physical  and  economic  well-­being.

The  Northeastern  IPM  Center  fosters  the  development  and  adoption  of  integrated  pest   management,  a  science-­based  approach  to  dealing  with  pests  -­  one  that  provides  economic,   environmental,  and  human  health  benefits.  We  engage  with  stakeholders  in  agricultural,  urban,   and  rural  settings  who  work  with  us  to  identify  and  address  regional  priorities,  whether  for   research,  education,  or  outreach.   Continue reading