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    June 2021
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Are some plants deer-resistant? Not really, say Georgia experts

From Georgia FACES

by Frank M. Watson, University of Georgia

When deer leave the shelter of the woods in search of food, they often inspect the shrubs and flowers in your front yard’s landscape as if they were browsing a buffet.

They will nibble your pansies as an appetizer and then fill up on the azaleas as their main course. Then they’re off to the day lilies for dessert. Continue reading

Register for February 23 Webinar on Pest Prevention by Design in Schools

On February 23rd, EPA’s Center of Expertise for School IPM will offer a webinar titled Pest Prevention by Design in Schools, highlighting the San Francisco Department of Environment and International Code Council’s Pest Prevention by Design Guidelines. The guidelines provide school administrators, facility managers, architects, engineers, and builders with information on designing pests out of buildings. Join us to learn how you can better incorporate pest prevention by design principles in your school district’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Continue reading

Designing buildings to be pest-free

Pest Prevention By Design Guidelines is a new free resource for designing buildings to be resistant to common pests, such as rats, mice, pigeons and cockroaches. San Francisco’s Integrated Pest Management Program initiated the project after initial pesticide use reductions achieved by the program began to level off.  Program participants suspected poor design was a key barrier to further reductions.

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School IPM Webinar this Thursday

As summer winds down and we prepare for fall and winter – are your school buildings ready?  Did you know a typical house mouse only needs the size of a dime (1/4 inch) to squeeze into your building?  The average roof rat or Norway rat only needs the size of a quarter to enter a structure.  Crickets, outdoor cockroaches and other crawling pests can gain entrance into your structure with less than ¼-inch gap under a door.

DATE: Thursday, September 6 at 10 AM Central Time.

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