Consumers be aware of unsuspecting insects in Christmas trees

NOTE: If you buy a real Christmas tree, you should also look for invasive pests such as hemlock woolly adelgid, balsam woolly adelgid, and pine bark beetles.

by Blair Fannin, Texas A&M AgriLife

This holiday season, consumers should be aware of unwanted critters that may find their way into homes clinging to a freshly cut Christmas tree,  said a Texas A&M University entomologist.

Dr. David Ragsdale, head of the university’s entomology department in College Station, said it’s not uncommon for insects to sometimes make their way into homes after a tree has been purchased from a tree farm or retailer. Continue reading

Pine bark beetles invade Wake Forest, North Carolina

The town of Wake Forest is asking residents to keep an eye out for a destructive and unwelcome pest.

This month, tree-trimming crews have uncovered infestations of pine bark beetles along Capital Boulevard near Rex Healthcare of Wakefield, at the former Wake Forest Golf and Country Club, and at the Staffordshire neighborhood.

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