Southern IPM Coordinators release their pest management priorities for 2017

IPM Coordinators in the Southern Region updated a list of the major insect pest, disease and weed issues that researchers and extension specialists should try to address in the coming year. During their annual meeting on March 15 at the Southeastern Branch Entomological Society of America meeting, IPM Coordinators reviewed the current Southern Region priorities while sharing some of the challenges in their state.

The coordinators belong to a regional committee called the Southern Extension and Research Activities (SERA) 003. Each major region of the country—south, northeast, north central and west—has a similar regional committee. Continue reading

Moving forward to a New Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management funding has seen its share of threats in the past several years. A concept that was officially introduced in the 1950 as a set of strategies for managing insect pest populations, IPM has evolved over time. The development of new combinations of chemicals, introduction of resistant crops and scientific evidence about the effectiveness of certain tactics over others have all played a part in how IPM has developed over the decades.

However, IPM is still a concept that seems to be elusive in the public eye. Although university specialists have started marking progress with IPM in schools and in urban settings, IPM is best known among agricultural professionals and farmers. Even then, definitions of what IPM is can vary widely. Because management tactics can differ depending on what the science says, defining IPM is complicated. IPM has traditionally lacked a “champion” to lobby policymakers for more money. Continue reading

SIPMC conducting survey on extension needs

If you work in the field, and you teach or use IPM, we need your help. We are trying to address important needs for extension in the southern region through a new survey. You can access the survey at

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New Extension priorities survey to be sent early November

The Southern IPM Center is about to undertake a regional survey to define priorities for extension IPM projects in the region. The Center can support relatively few projects each year, so for the first time we are trying this approach to help ensure that our limited resources are applied to the most important projects.

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