Resistant barnyardgrass torments Mid-South

in Delta Farm Press

On the way to becoming Arkansas’ Number One grass weed, barnyardgrass has tormented farmers while picking up resistance to a wide range of herbicides. And without agronomic changes the weed is likely to ratchet up the pressure on Mid-South crops.

Propanil resistance in Arkansas barnyardgrass was documented in the early 1990s. Shortly thereafter, Facet (Quinclorac) came in under a Section 18 and was widely adopted. By the late 1990s, weed scientists began to find Quinclorac resistance.

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Midsouth weed scientists seek a good “model” for managing herbicide-resistant barnyardgrass

Researchers from Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana will use simulation modeling to develop a sustainable plan for rice farmers trying to control herbicide-resistant barnyardgrass.

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