NEHA is accepting abstracts for second Enhancing Environmental Health Knowledge (EEK): Vectors and Public Health Pests Virtual Conference

The National Environmental Health Association is now accepting submissions for abstracts to present at its second Enhancing Environmental Health Knowledge (EEK): Vectors and Public Health Pests Virtual Conference on May 15 – 16, 2018.

The EEK Virtual Conference is designed to enhance the knowledge of environmental health professionals to help them respond to events of public health concern, as well as bring professionals from multiple sectors together to exchange information and discover new solutions to issues in vectors and public health pests.

The conference will take place May 15-16 and abstracts are due March 21st, 2018. All presentations will be pre-recorded and there is no cost to participate or attend. Please view the attached call for abstracts and abstract submission guide. You can also find more information here: .

Register for January 24 Webinar on Controlling Public Health Pests

On Tuesday, January 24, 2017, at 2:00 p.m. ET, EPA’s Center of Expertise for School IPM will offer a webinar titled, “Pests of Public Health Importance and the Role of Integrated Pest Management in Schools.” Recent developments in pest-borne diseases, such as the emergence of Zika virus and spread of Lyme disease, signal the need to continually assess the threat of pests to public health. Illnesses carried by insects, rodents, and other pests affect all races, ethnicities, ages and cultures. Vector-borne illnesses are an ever-present threat and efforts to prevent them are critical to protecting public health. Continue reading