Be on the lookout for poisonous insects this fall

NOTE: Although the following article has information for Texas, the puss moth caterpillar, the brown recluse and black widow can be found in various places in the South.

by Janet Hurley, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Puss moth caterpillars

Puss caterpillars, AKA Asps have been spotted this season in south Texas! Be on the lookout and be careful if you encounter them.

puss moth caterpillar

puss moth caterpillar

These fuzzy, almost cute, little caterpillars can inflict a nasty sting without provocation. Hidden inside the fuzzy façade, are venomous spines that result in a painful rash or “burn”.  They are not aggressive caterpillars, and stings often occur when individuals accidentally brush up against them, or curious children pick one up to check it out.

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Three stinging caterpillars to watch out for

Most caterpillars in the southern region are harmless to people, but lately people have been bumping into a few that have painful results. Here are three to watch out for, thanks to a post from the Landscape Alert at
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Puss caterpillar sending Texans to the emergency room this summer

From KEYE TV (watch the video on that page as well)

They may look cute, but the Puss Caterpillar, or asp, is sending a lot of people to the emergency room this summer in Central Texas.

Asps can fall from trees, or hide in bushes, and in Sissy Schriber’s case she found one in her backyard shed.

“He flew off and on to my thigh,” Schriber said. “He didn’t stay long, because he hurt.”

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