Ragweed can cause problems for soybeans

Ragweed, its pollen potent to allergy sufferers, might be more than a source of sneezes. In the Midwest, the plant may pose a threat to soybean production.

Scientists have found that ragweed can drastically reduce soybean yield. Continue reading

Herbicide-resistant weed problems are getting worse in North Carolina

In Southeast Farm Press

Herbicide-resistant weeds continue to pop up in North Carolina and farmers need to be prepared in 2016.

Speaking at the 2016 Road Show Production Meeting at the Vernon James Research and Extension Center Jan. 28, Wes Everman, North Carolina Extension weed specialist said herbicide resistant common ragweed and herbicide resistant common water hemp have been confirmed near Elizabeth City. On top of this, herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth remains a major headache for North Carolina farmers. Continue reading