New Southeast Regional Caneberry Production Guide is available

In the Alabama Communicator

 Ann Chambliss

A new 2016 Southeast Regional Caneberry Production Guide is now available. It is a cooperative effort by Gina Fernandez, NC State University, David Lockwood at the University of Tennessee, Elena Garcia at the University of Arkansas and the Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium (SRSFC), and is published by NC State University. It replaces and much improves upon a 2008 Bramble Production Guide. Continue reading

Spotted wing drosophila a problem for Southern berry growers

From Southeast Farm Press

By Chris Bickers, Contributing Writer

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) began showing up in traps in North Carolina strawberry fields in late April.

The threat seemed pressing enough that the Extension service recommended preventive measures, said Hannah Burrack, North Carolina Extension entomologist.

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Michigan State University conducting survey on spotted wing drosophila

From Growing Produce

Raspberry and blackberry growers are encouraged to share their experiences that will review control needs and where labeling can be expanded.

Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is becoming a serious insect pest in commercial production of berries and several other crops. A multi-state effort is underway with state small fruit Extension specialists and the EPA to review short-term and long-term needs for insecticides to control SWD and determine where labeling can be expanded.

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