Red imported fire ants are no match for the tawny crazy ant

When red imported fire ants invade an area, they typically displace native ants and threaten unsuspecting people who venture too close to the mound. However, as one study in Science magazine concludes, fire ants have one adversary that they can’t seem to beat—the tawny crazy ant, a species that has a secret weapon against the fire ant toxin.

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Expert recommends area-wide fire ant treatments in April

From Delta Farm Press

April is the ideal time to resume the annual war against red imported fire ants in Louisiana, according to experts in the LSU AgCenter.

One of the best tactics to attack the critters is through an area-wide, neighborhood baiting program, said AgCenter entomologist Linda Hooper-Buí.

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Moving baled hay under quarantine conditions

If you work with baled hay, including moving or delivering it, APHIS-PPQ has published a new bulletin for guidance in terms of the movement of fire ants with hay shipped from regulated areas.

BaledHayIndustryAlert September 2012 (PDF)

Detecting and controlling red imported fire ants

From Delta Farm Press:

Drought-affected farmers forced to buy hay from out of state can take steps to avoid introducing red imported fire ants to their farms.

The red imported fire ant (RIFA) is a major pest in much of the southern U.S. In Texas alone, its estimated economic impact totals more than a billion dollars annually.

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