Pros and Cons of Cover Cropping for No-till Vegetable & Row Crop Production

Pros and Cons of Cover Cropping for No-till Vegetable & Row Crop Production: Making sense of current research and past experiences

May 17TH, 2018, 8:45 AM – 4:30 PM, Madren Conference Center & Clemson Student Organic Farm, Clemson, SC

No-till vegetable production offers a more sustainable approach to weed management than the frequent use of herbicides and tillage, and promotes soil health. Because cover crop based no-till vegetable production involves a different approach to management, growers may be reluctant to transition from conventional tillage without seeing the system in action and knowing its costs and benefits compared with conventional tillage. Row crop farmers often have a concern whether cover crops, will deplete soil moisture and cause water stress for the next cash crop. In this workshop we will discuss the pros and cons of cover cropping in no-till vegetable and row crop systems based on current research and our experiences in the field over the past decade. A “Lunch and Learn” session will include demonstrations of weed ID techniques and the effectiveness of organic herbicides. Field tours of cover crop research plots at the Clemson Organic Farm (for vegetable production) and at nearby Millam Farm (row crop production) will be conducted following the Lunch and Learn session.   Continue reading