Webinar: Privet Biology and Management in Southeastern Forests

You are invited to attend the latest Live Webinar sponsored by: Southern Regional Extension Forestry.

Title: Privet Biology and Management in Southeastern Forests

What will you learn?
 This webinar will cover privet biology, ecology, and management as it pertains to forests in the southeastern U.S. learn more here…


Dr. Nancy Loewenstein, Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University Continue reading

The People Have Spoken: Using Forest and Firewood National Polling Data to Promote Forest Health

This webinar will discuss results from a national survey of citizen attitudes toward invasive species, firewood movement, and forest health. This webinar is jointly sponsored by the SREF Forest Health and Invasive Species Program and the Firewood Outreach Coordinating Initiative.

This webinar is scheduled for Jan 25, 2017 1:00 pm US/Eastern. Continue reading

Southern Regional Extension Forestry (SREF) group

by David Coyle

Dr. David Coyle

Dr. David Coyle

Dr. David Coyle is working with Dr. William Hubbard and the Southern Regional Extension Forestry (SREF) group to develop a Forest Health and Invasive Species Education Program. This program was initiated under the auspices of SREF, the University of Georgia’s D.B. Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, and the USDA Forest Service. David is working to create materials for extension education for southern forest health, primarily focusing on non-native plants, insects, and pathogens, and pine stand management to mitigate potential insect and disease issues. Continue reading