Know your FRAC codes

Don’t know what a FRAC code is? It’s important when dealing with fungicide resistance. In this blog post at UT Crops, authors Alice Cochran (Graduate Research Asst.) and Heather Kelly (Extension Plant Pathologist) discuss what FRAC codes are and why it’s important when you’re rotating fungicides. FRAC stands for the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee, and although the authors focus on Tennessee, the recommendations apply to anyone in any state in the U.S. Continue reading

Soybean diseases showing fungicide resistance

From Delta Farm Press

Nature always finds a way and that’s why the Mid-South is facing not only herbicide resistance in weeds but also an upswing of fungicide resistance in some soybean diseases.

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Frogeye leaf spot advancing in Southern soybean fields

In Delta Farm Press

Frogeye leaf spot (FLS) activity as been increasing in southern soybean fields. And with reports of resistance to some fungicides and difficulty in distinguishing frogeye from other leaf spots and disease, it is harder to control.

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