Texas A&M scientist is among team to prove royalty among termites

by Steve Byrnes, Texas A&M AgriLife

Termites! Just the insects’ common name can strike fear in the hearts of most any homeowner, but a recently published work could go a long way in quelling some of those fears, said one of the authors.

Dr. Ed Vargo, Endowed Chair in Urban and Structural Entomology at Texas A&M University, College Station, is among a team of scientists who recently published “Identification of a Queen and King Recognition Pheromone in the Subterranean Termite Reticulitermes,” in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2018/03/15/1721419115 Continue reading

Assistant professor position open at NC State University focusing on wood-destroying insects

The Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology at North Carolina State University invites applications for a 9-month tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level. This faculty position is located on the main campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, and has a 70% research and 30% academic appointment. The position carries responsibilities for research relating to the biology and management of major wood-destroying arthropod pests of structures, mainly termites, but also including wood-infesting ants or beetles. Continue reading

Texas Extension expert warns to watch for home value-reducing insects

by Paul Schattenberg, Texas AgrLife

With arthropods being the most diverse and successful organisms on the planet, it shouldn’t be a surprise that insects and their relatives have been highly successful at invading our homes, said Dr. Mike Merchant, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service urban entomologist in Dallas.

“Insects have evolved along with humans, actually becoming specialists at living among us and off our scraps and cast-offs,” Merchant said “Unfortunately, their invasion of our homes often leads to structural and other damage that can negatively impact the home’s value.” Continue reading

School and urban pest webinar series

Several webinars start in February for anyone who works with urban pests, or those who just want to learn how to deal responsibly with pests on their property. Continue reading

New Orleans pests beware: city’s mosquito, rodent and termite control board fights to make city’s buildings pest free

I’ve written several stories about how IPM changes the environment of a school or building when pests are no longer harassing the people inside the building. I’ve also passed along recommendations from specialists on how people can make buildings uninviting for pests. So when I went to New Orleans in April to help present a Friends of Southern IPM Implementer Award to the New Orleans Mosquito, Rodent and Termite Control Board, I wanted to see for myself how their work in IPM has changed the city.

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Termite Academy in New Orleans

The Greater New Orleans Pest Control Association’s 4th Annual Termite Academy is a Louisiana Structural Board Commission accredited course and will be offered in New Orleans on February 7-9, 2012.

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Treating termites in schools (PCT Online)

As schools tighten their budgets and adopt IPM practices, fewer are choosing to schedule monthly termite treatments. As this PCT Online article explains, pest management professionals still have plenty of options in terms of helping schools prevent termite infestations and treat existing infestations.

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Scientists use ‘Trojan Horse’ concept to kill termites

Scientists have found that hiding a toxin within yeast and cellulose powder bait holds promise in destroying termite colonies.

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Spring is for pests

April showers may bring May flowers.  But they can also bring a wide variety of pests.  Two of the most common spring pests affecting school districts are termites and ants.

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