Peanut-cotton rotations help prevent nematodes, weeds

In Southwest Farm Press

Peanuts are a good complement to cotton, especially in fields infested with cotton root knot nematodes, says Jason Woodward, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension plant pathologist at Lubbock. The microscopic pest won’t affect peanuts and the peanut root knot nematode won’t injure cotton.

He discussed the nematode factor and peanut best management practices by Skype hookup during the recent Red River Crops Conference at Altus, Okla., as well as disease issues, varieties, and market types. Continue reading

2015 Sugarcane Aphid Management Guide Released

The 2015 Sugarcane Aphid Management Guide has just been released and can be found at: .

This publication contains the latest information on biology, scouting, economic thresholds and insecticides for aphid control. The formal name of the publication is “Sugarcane Aphid: A New Pest of Grain and Forage Sorghum” and it has seven co-authors.

For more sugarcane aphid news, go to the Texas Sugarcane Aphid News blog.

Feral Hogs and Other Traveling Invasives: How do we reach people?

In Texas today a new law allowing hunters to fly around in a helicopter and shoot feral hogs goes into effect. The law is aimed at decreasing the population of feral hogs more quickly than ground hunting or trapping is currently doing. In a New York Times OpEd yesterday, writer Mark Essig of Asheville, North Carolina, states that the law misses the real reason why feral hogs are increasing in population: hunters transport them across state lines to start new hunting populations.

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TX School Poster Contest – Rabies in Bats

It’s almost time for back-to-schools in several states, and in addition to learning about the 3 Rs, some children will learn about and even more serious subject: rabies. September 28, 2009, is World Rabies Day. Events are being planned throughout the world to increase rabies awareness and promote rabies prevention.

Although deaths from rabies are rare because of state laws requiring domestic pets to be protected, many children are still exposed to rabies through touching bats. Texas schools are participating in a poster contest to help make children more aware of the dangers of playing with bats. For more information on rabies or the contest, go to