New tick species discovered in North Carolina

Recent tick surveys sent to the US Department of Agriculture identified a longhorned tick on an opossum in Polk County, North Carolina. The longhorned tick is an exotic species from Asia that is a serious pest of livestock.

The tick was initially identified in New Jersey in 2017, but further research into other reported ticks that may have been misidentified have revealed that the first recorded case of this tick was on a white-tailed deer in August 2010 in West Virginia. Before its introduction in North Carolina, the tick had been positively identified in Arkansas, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia. Continue reading

Tick season could be bad in Oklahoma – and elsewhere

This article, part of a 3-part series published in Southwest Farm Press, focuses on the tick risk in Oklahoma. However, because many parts of the eastern US experienced a mild winter and an early spring, the points raised in this series are applicable to residents in other states. Continue reading