EPA Registers New Nematicide Alternative to Restricted-Use Soil Fumigants, Including Methyl Bromide

The loss of methyl bromide has brought new challenges for some growers, so I thought I would post this news about a new tool in the toolbox.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is registering a new active ingredient, fluensulfone, a non-fumigant nematicide that provides lower-risk chemical control of nematodes than methyl bromide and other Restricted Use soil fumigants. Under the Montreal Protocol, EPA has phased out methyl bromide because its use depletes the ozone layer.

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School District Survey Reveals Successes and Opportunities

A national school IPM working group was formed in 2006 to coordinate and accelerate school IPM adoption in US public schools. Since then, over $4.4 million has been leveraged from the USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture, USDA IPM Centers, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state lead agencies and others to support school IPM. School IPM demonstrations and regional school district coalitions have impacted over 4.5 million students and 400,000 staff since 2006. The national working group, composed of four regional working groups and coordinated by a steering committee, has grown to more than 240 members.

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