Gastonia residents learn about IPM on A Bug’s Day

In a North Carolina nature museum on May 30, SIPMC represented one of 30 exhibitors at “A Bug’s Day” event at the Schiele Museum in Gastonia. Partnering with the North Carolina Extension Implementation Project (EIP), also funded by USDA NIFA, SIPMC presented IPM to the general pubic in a very tangible way.

“A Bug’s Day” afforded us a time to talk to homeowners and older children one on one. Adults liked the interactive posters on Farm and Home IPM, while children loved the vials of bed bugs. After some coaxing, their parents would peer into the vials as well. The experience opened up some good “bed bug story” sharing opportunities and a chance to talk to parents about what IPM means at home.

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New online IPM training tools for teachers

Staff education is crucial for school IPM program success. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has created two free online training modules for teachers to learn the basics of IPM and their roles. Some facts contained in the modules are specific to laws in Texas, but much of the information can be applied in any location.

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